finding your perfect funding solution...

We undertake a thorough analysis of your energy consumption and needs before suggesting a funding solution. We customise and structure financing to enable maximum savings for you. Our most popular solution is the power purchase agreement.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

At its simplest a PPA means we provide our clients with all the benefits of a free, fully maintained solar solution. You preserve your capital, but still get all the advantages of switching to solar. We own the system, you take ownership of its benefits. You buy the discounted solar energy from us (instead of more expensive grid energy) translating to immediate savings for your school, sectional title, farm, or business.

Our PPA clients often remark how much they enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the responsibility ownership entails. We fund, maintain and insure the system. Energy savings and preserved capital means more freedom to achieve your goals and growth potential.

A PPA means our clients:

Start saving without spending capital on obtaining a solar energy system

Become less reliant on unstable grid energy—we also fund renewable solutions allowing our clients to go off-grid, severing most ties with unreliable (grid) energy sources

Enjoy all the many benefits of renewable energy without the responsibility of funding, maintaining, and insuring the solar solution

Rent-to-Own, Roof Rentals, Hybrid, and Customised Solutions

We don’t cap your sustainability goals with the constraints of conventional financing options; rather, we work with you, partnering to customise a solution that makes sense for your specific needs.

After listening and learning more about what you need, our engineering and finance team will structure a funding solution to maximise energy savings for you. We like to think creatively: often this means customised funding solutions where generators, smart technology, and energy management products are incorporated to tailor the solution to complex and unique utility needs.