our story

is your story. It’s the story of most South African businesses. It’s a game of survival where the winners are those who embrace change and proactively implement solutions to maximise success.

Every business owner wants cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable energy—embracing a solar solution backed by Enfin means the switch is seamless, with no risk and no need for capital expenditure. Our extensive experience in the renewable energy industry means we can structure an ideal funding solution for your specific energy needs.

what we do

Centrally located, we have clients and team members all over South Africa. We back smart businesses, farms, sectional titles, and schools who want to embrace cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable energy. We fund, maintain, and insure solar solutions, while our clients reap the benefits of switching to long-term sustainability.

how do we do it

Our engineering and technical team carefully assess prospective clients’ exact energy needs. We then find the best installer—this is in our best interest too, as we take on the risk of insuring and maintaining the solar system—and construct a bespoke funding solution to ensure maximum savings.

We fund a solution according to the unique needs of our clients. Most want all the benefits of renewable energy without the hassle of owning the system. Many want funding that supports full independence from unreliable grid energy; our funding solutions are creative enough to cover clients’ most ambitious sustainability goals, including going off-grid… Learn more

the way we do it is based on our values

A client centric culture: Our solutions are designed to create a marked difference for our clients; we won’t fund a solar solution unless we’re sure it will translate to either savings, more energy stability, or greater sustainability. Our funding models create immediate, tangible benefits for our clients.

A trusted partnership: We want to back your business and your sustainability goals; we are passionate about funding a solar solution perfectly aligned to your particular needs. But, more than that, our mission is to collaborate and partner with you— by earning trust we become an ally and a trusted advisor to the businesses we back.

Honesty and integrity: Our reputation is important to us, most of our business is generated through word-of-mouth recommendations. We formulate every solution on a foundation of honesty and our clients’ best interests. Although not always possible, we prefer to meet our clients face-to-face. We realise just how important it is to get to know you to really understand your particular energy needs and sustainability goals.

The triple bottom line: Our vision is simple, to fund a better future. This vision is based on the triple bottom line paradigm (People/Planet/Profit). We understand that you want to maximise profits while doing good; our funding model not only helps you save, it also enables you to play your part in the global movement towards cleaner, more sustainable energy.

meet our leaders

Securing and tailoring solar funding solutions appropriate for large businesses, schools, commercial properties, and the agricultural sector, requires diverse skills and expertise in finance, engineering, and technology. Our team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Werner Loftus and Chief Operations Officer, Gerrit Pretorius.

Qualifying from an accounting background, Werner has spearheaded countless solar and complex energy management projects for clients from every type of industry. Engineer Gerrit, approaches our funding solutions with technical expertise and extensive experience in the renewable energy sphere.

Many of our strategists, creative geniuses, and partners work remotely, giving us a national presence and understanding of the differing needs of our clients throughout South Africa.